Madonna Della Pieta

Michelangelo’s Virgin Mary bust from the Pietà

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The bust of the Madonna from the Pietà

For the first time in Australia, this exclusive limited edition is available in Australia by special arrangement.

Michelangelo’s Virgin Mary from the Pietà is a study in the spiritual beauty that was Michelangelo’s artistic ideal. It is a testament to his abiding love of God, the source of his inspiration, that he was able to capture the compassion and serenity in Mary’s face with so much grace that, half a millennium later, the vision of it continues to inspire us

The piece has been produced under an exclusive license from the Vatican Observatory Foundation, this masterpiece has been recreated in cast from a authorized mold derived from the original.


Please contact us for all enquiries and availability.

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40cm (15.5 inches)


27cm (10.5 inches)


33cm (13 inches)


Everdur Bronze
.999 Silver


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