Lado Goudjabidze was born in the Republic of Georgia in 1945.  He graduated from the College of Visual Arts in Tbilisi Georgia in 1965.   He hosted the USSR’s Georgian Contemporary Art television show in 1972.  After a year of military service, Lado and his family , Shake and six year old Marina immigrated to the United States in 1976.

Lado started his career in the U. S. as an art director and production manager for Alva Museum Replicas Inc. in New York.  By 1980, he was representing the New York Times Restoration Group to the Hermitage in the USSR, and in that same year, he and his wife extended their family with the birth of their second child, Iris.

In 1982, Lado brought his artist’s senses and years of experience together in his own sculpture reproduction company, Art Deluxe Co.,Inc in Queens, New York.

The company has produced over a million quality sculptures worldwide.

With the start of his own company, Lado could create his own pieces, and also do commission work with complete facilities to faithfully reproduce any sculpture from miniature to monumental in any media to distribute  nationally and internationally.

He has achieved considerable  success and endless acclaim for the remarkable quality of his work.  Worldwide recognition was achieved for his “Mother and Child” sculpture which is presently being marketed in a “special edition” limited edition.

Among some of his commissions, are the following:

  • 10 Monumental Murals “LENIN” Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Exteriors and Interiors  for Airport Central Complex Buildings, Orenburg, USSR
  • “Georgian Culture” Exhibition section at Moskow Art Expo in Moscow, USSR
  • Scale reduction of HEISMAN TROPHY AWARD
  • Nine foot bronze sculpture “MUSE” Trammel Crow Inc, Chicago, IL
  • Sixty original sculptures createdfor exclusive reproduction by Art Deluxe Co.
  • Samantha Smith bust for an International Presentation at the Kremlin Moscow
  • Life size statue of “Mother Teresa”  Sherborn, MA
  • Bust of Oscar Romero, El Salvador
  • Sculpted award for Sony Music Production, New York, NY
  • Created the “Courage and Conscience” Award Sherborn, MA
  • Nine foot “Mahatma Ghandi” statue for PACIFIST MEMORIAL
  • ​Series of Busts of actors for the CIRCLE in the Square Theatre, New York City
  • Bust of John F. Kennedy for the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.
  • Bust of Robert Kennedy for the Robert Kennedy Foundation, Boston, MA
  • “PETA” Award for People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, VA
  • “Sanction for Non-Violence”, United Nations, New York, NY
  • “MUHAMMAD ALI” Bust for Peace Abbey, Sherborn, MA

Solo and Major Exhibitions

  • 1967 . “Non Conformist Artists” exhibition in Tbilisi, Georgia
  • 1970 . Solo exhibition in the Palace of Teachers, Georgia
  • 1975 . Personal show of paintings the Palace of Art, Georgia
  • 1975 . Graphic works at Galleria Gallo, Rome, Italy
  • 1981 . SISA New York 11th Exhibition, New York
  • 1981 . Fine Arts Exhibition, Cooperstown, New York
  • 1981 . ALLIED Artist World Trade Center, New York
  • 1981 . Knickerbockers Art Society Exhibition, New York
  • 1982 . Salmagundi Club Annual Exhibition, New York
  • 1994 . Garden City Library Hall, Garden City, New Jersey
  • 1994 . Sculpture Showcase Gallery, New Hope, PA
  • 2001 . Michael Lombardo Gallery, New York
  • 2005 . Mahatma Gandhi Sculpture (9 ft.) for traveling educational exhibition to Universities across the Nation.
  • 2005 . Permanent display-exhibition of the sculpture works at PEACE ABBEY Sherborn, MA

Awards and Achievements

  • 1969 . Prize award competition for monument of Shta Rustaveli, Georgia
  • 1971 . “The Fine Art Award” for figurative sculpture, Moscow, USSR
  • 1981 . Monetary prize award winner for fine sculpture, Cooperstown, NY
  • 1982 . Gold Medal of Excellence for Knickerbockers Artists, NY,NY
  • 1990 . 3rd RODIN GRAND PRIZE, Tokyo, Japan
  • 1993 . Council of American Artists Society for Sculpture Award, NY, NY